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HI! My name is Ashlynn, I'm 26, and live in the USA.  Watching dramas and playing video games is all I do in my free time.  My favorite games are Dishonored and Breath of the Wild.  My favorite dramas are Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People and Tomorrow With You.

I love making new friends and having people to talk to about mutual likes.  I try to stay active on the feeds, but sometimes I forget they exist.  Depending on the length it takes me about a week to finish a drama, and I prefer Binge watching.

I enjoy spoilers, not knowing makes me anxious so don't be afraid you might let something slip, and if you are like me I completely understand, and I wont make you feel bad for wanting to know.  I don't like "competing romances", they're way to stressful.

I LOVE love, it's the best.  Romance and fantasy are my favorite genres, and I live for the first kiss of a drama, if you can recommend me something with a great kiss scene you will forever be one of my favorite people!

Nice to meet you all, I hope we get along great!!!!!

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