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In the dark corner of my room


In the dark corner of my room

Hello, Hi, 안녕하세요
In September 2020 I first time watch Love alarm and I like their visuals ( Song Kang’s), after this I only start watching k-dramas, at first I don’t like c-dramas ,but i try one more time and I like it. I registered here in 2021. In 2020 at fist I listen only “love shot” by Exo but then I start being an ARMY . After this my friends and family can’t find me non where. Now I’m multi Stan in K-pop.  I love you,사랑해요. Bye, 부전승.


1st kdrama-Love alarm
Favorite kdrama- Happiness, Our beloved summer,Doom at your service , Descendants of the sun, Twinkling Watermelon.


1st cdrama - Cambrian period
Favorite cdrama - when i fly towards you 

1st jdrama: Good morning call
Fav jdrama : kakafukaka

Bl dramas
1st bl drama : TharnType ( I forgot my first fist bl was Call Me By Your Name)
Fav bl drama: The Eighth Sense  

Groups i stan  - BTS ,TXT, Enhypen, Stray Kids, aespa,Blackpink, Twice , ITZY, Ive , Kep1er, StayC , NMIXX , Red Velvet, Le Sserafim, New Jeans...

Tik Tok: wwkhpy

And yeah it’s my lil sisters account, we mostly watch together…….



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