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I am picky in choosing drama, from different genres or line of stories, I rate drama from many different criteria based on the whole production performance.  I have made top list of drama myself; Sleuth of Ming Dynasty, Joy of Life, Eternal Love 10 miles of Peach Blossom, Legend of FuYao, Bloody Romance,  Move to Heaven, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Hikaru No Go, Go Ahead, Word of Honor, D.P 1&2, Crash Landing On You, Mr. Sunshine, Who Rules the World, Love Like the Galaxy 1&2, Lost You Forever. Requirement for a good drama is the balance of suspense/action, realism, humor, romance, witty and smart writing in great dialog, great collaboration between actors, flowing story lines, excellent OST. 

I don't understand why Asian drama emphasis in the little-girl persona? It's creepy, it's a free access to pedophiles, and it's freaking annoying! Even child-actors doesn't act annoying, only adults who over-act it like exasperating characters. Overly jealous/back stabbing  women or mothers who micro-manage her kids, unnatural neatness on make up/Gel-caked hair, over the top accessories and obvious make up in men, annoying CGI, forced intimacy (border line sexual harassment),  dragging plots for longer episodes (sponsors purposes), too much fillers.  While C-drama is more quantity (hundred of not-watchable) than quality productions, but some becomes classic. The title of dramas are mostly with word like 'Legend of, Story of, Love' But the best do still exist, rarely, of beautiful deep literature, amazing martial art, heartbreak love story, artful setting, great background music, little comedy, beautiful dynasties's costumes, life wisdom, cultural presentation, witty dialog. 

Paid attention to K-drama, the acting is standard;  dialog deliver loud (on top of their lung), crying  loud shrilly wet, breathing loud hissing when they're upset or mad, repeating dialog, too much of 'Mwo? Wae?' Uh? Waeyo? Ah'. Mianhae,  no literary value. 'O' mouth expression with blank clueless stare, act stutter/shock, disgrading inferiority, whinny, moving mouth works. FLs are usually dyed hair yellow & act innocent naive (but none young enough), very arrogant CEO MLs that would do dirty tricks to get what he wanted. The costumes drama are generic. Crown prince who's in trouble with his dad the King,  corrupt ministers, ambitious queen/dowager/mother, in love with a woman he shouldn't have, plain dance and basic music.  Same costumes/ colors/hairdo regardless what dynasty, same face of ministers in every dramas. Same setting and location, no splendor life on palace, very limited actors.   The creative dept is on the minus but  good news is usually modern set-up has original story, maturity in actors, realistic, less digital effect.

Many got offended by my review of certain dramas and left snarky remarks. Not going to make my opinion change, public opinion shouldn't be shut  just because some has different regard. Definitely each of us has  an ideal perfect, sure opinions has its own right whether we agree or disagree. That's the beauty of it, the difference we have make us value diversity of opinions and personalities.


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