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Hiya all. I'm Yukisa, a high school Southeast Asian girl. 

Japanese dramas and movies are my favorite.

Medical, Detective, Mystery, BL (but no seggs), and school thriller/romance are my main to-watch genre!

And yes, secretly being an ace in an Asian country.

I do have a hobby, like drawing, but my fav is doing random things! lol

entertaining yourself is simple happiness, isn't it?^^

Besides drama, I love J-ent too!

My main interests is Johnny's Jr., 7 MEN Samurai

they're really unique, I cannot stand their gap! 

 do watch their Youtube videos for a burst of big laughter (lol)

Casually following Snow Man, SixTONES, Naniwa Danshi, and King & Prince

Might be following Arashi too because my Samurais are covering some of their songs,

any song recommendations?;)

What should I add for introduction? hmm...

Ah, Let's be friends!

you can add me so you have a lot amount of friends! haha

You can still interact with me through DM too.

I'd like to be approached bcs I'm shy, but don't hesitate to chat with me^^

I'm not a native English Speaker and still studying English...

But you still understand what I said right?^^;

please ignore my grammar. I absolutely can't pass TOEFL  with this!

Nah, I don't take that test right now...

And I'm trying to study Japanese too!

Nice to meet you!

((omg my pfp is so cute aaaaa YabaKonpi my love笑 ))


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