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United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Hello, I am Zua. I am from Spain, Bbarcelona and currently living in the UK. I am a student who is an intovert and has no dreams what so ever. I am a huge Kpop multistan and my top groups are :

  1. TXT
  2. Stray Kids
  3. Seventeen 
  4. Ateez
  5. Bts
  6. Every other group that exists

I started watching dramas in 2019 and also became a Kpop fan the same year. I watch chinese dramas a lot more than any other countries dramas. The only survival show I have ever watched is Boys Planet. My first kpop song that I listened to is K/DA Popstar or Gangam Style (can't remeber). The first kpop group I staned is TXT. 

I recently started watching BL's and I think I'm obsessed so feel free to send me BL recomendation and ask me to try a drama for you. I am always looking forward to making new friends.

The only TV show that I have ever watched is Boys Planet and sad to say none of my favs made it so pls support: Kum junhyeon, Keita, Jay, Cha Woong Ki and Haruto.

Discord: Z_umar09#6915

Instagram: Zoya_hs09


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