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My Laptop died .. using a friends


My Laptop died .. using a friends
Hello :)

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About Me 

Hello Internet. :) I go by the name Abzzski (Abs-ski). It is one of my many nicknames of my name. I am from Australia, and I am currently a studying film. I have GAD so sorry if I come across as awkward. I have been watching drama since 2016. I watch Chinese, Korean, Thai, Taiwanese and Japanese Dramas. 

The ones highlighted are the dramas I currently watch the most in order.


1-2.5 Dropped , bearable to watch

3-4.5 Not worth watching , forgettable

5-6.5 Above average -  watchable but need improvements

7-8 Good  and enjoyable maybe had more potential

8.5-9 Really good, loved watching it and would recommend it

9.5-10 Excellent Drama, absolutely loved it, would totally recommend it 

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Fav OST'S / Soundtracks 

Bloody Romance One by Gary Cao (Malaysian Singer) Who are you school 2015: Reset by Tiger Jk feat Jinsil of Mad Soul Child 
Shopping King Louie Tigrt Moth by MONSTA XA Korean Odyssey Let Me Out by NU'EST W
The Legends Đường Xa Xăm (路之遥) by Đinh Đinh (丁丁) 

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