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My Story for You chinese drama review
Ongoing 41/48
My Story for You
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by argamond
Aug 8, 2018
41 of 48 episodes seen
Ongoing 1
Overall 3.5
Story 1.0
Acting/Cast 3.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
With any adaption, the question that many fans will ask is - how true to the story is the drama? This is particularly important for people that came across this drama because of the writer Tang Jia San Shao. And the answer to this is that the drama detracts considerably from the purpose and intent of the light novel that you will spurt out blood in frustration.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of examples of poor adaptions - both in China and the West. "A Walk to Remember" is one example I recall. This one is another.

For fans of the author, Tang Jia San Shao, they would be familiar that he writes xianxia/wuxia type novels. He is not a specialist in the modern or romance themes. In fact, there are many occasions (including in this light novel), where he states that he doesn't write that well. But what he lacks in quality and artistry, he makes up in consistency and quantity. He is in the Guinness Book of Records for the most consecutive daily uploads, and is renowned by all his fans that he always puts up a new chapter every day. He has never disappointed his fans in this respect. When he wrote this light novel, he wanted to enshrine his life and memories with his wife up to this point, whilst he is still young enough to remember. To this point, in this light novel, he is very loving and caring to his wife. He writes that she is the most supportive and understanding, that she had never stood in the way of his dreams. In fact, in the toughest times, even when she was very ill, she was the main breadwinner to keep the family afloat and once Tang Jia San Shao earned enough money (when he published his first few books), his wife didn't have to work anymore. IN NO WAY was Tang Jia San Shao CRITICAL or NEGATIVE towards his wife in the light novel, and he never portrayed any jealousies or arguments or fighting. They certainly did not use their family to coerce the other party to do things that they didn't want.

To add to this, the author, Tang Jia San Shao, seems to be someone who values relationships. He is not driven by money or success. He is particularly loyal to his fans. That was why, when the website was down, he DID NOT STOP WRITING (remember the Guinness Book of Records!) and uploaded his story to unpaid servers to satisfy his fans. He also did not chase after the biggest publishers with the largest wallets and did not brag about his successes.

I am saying this because according to the light novel, the story is very simple and sweet. In some ways, sweeter than Love O2O as there is no other love interest - just financial pressures. So WHENEVER the drama portrays some incidents to generate tension - a lot of this is not actually in the novel. It makes the drama considerably different from the original ode of love to his wife. Watching this drama will not result in you understanding the author. Instead, it DRAMATICALLY MISREPRESENTS Tang Jia San Shao and his wife.

So, if you are a fan of Tang Jia San Shao - I strongly recommend that you stay away!

Having said that, the two main leads have a remarkable lack of chemistry. I have seen people treat cats and dogs better than they do each other
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