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art_apples - HighOnDrama

London, UK

art_apples - HighOnDrama

London, UK

Hi, welcome to my page :)

I'm mainly into kdramas with the occasional jdrama thrown in.

I love romcom's and slice-of-life drama's with more adult dialogue, drama's with affairs as these are often reflective and thought provoking, and I'm a sucker for time travel too :) and lately surprising for me have been getting into action too (thanks to vagabond suzy xp)

I mainly follow the female leads in drama's and idols too. IU and Suzy are my favourites, but I love so many others like Nara and Hyeri. For actresses I have so many too. Kim So Hyun is easily my top, but love Chae Soo Bin (I'm Not A Robot), Kang Han Na (Familiar Wife), Han So Hee (Nevertheless),  Yoo In Na (Queen In Hyun's Man) and loads more :)

I don't bite :) so feel free to pm'ing and sharing likes :) 


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