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Seo In Guk


Seo In Guk


Why hello there!

I'm Assya, a clueless student who obsesses over K-Dramas and C-Dramas.

Romance, Comedy, Melodrama, Action, Military and Medical are  my favourite genres in dramas.

I would also like to raise awareness about this disease that has threatened my heart many times before and still does. It's called SMLS, commonly known as Second Male Lead Syndrome.

Yes I'm talking about you Ji Soo!


There are also some days where I wish I could be a good student but if you slide down the page, you'll notice that I have wasted used adequately more than 50 days of my life on dramas. Oh well, you don't see me complaining...


Now that my thirstiness is out of the way, let me properly introduce myself. I am 15 years old and I've been watching KDramas since I was 12.

My obsession with dramas began on the day I was watching K-Pop MV'S, mindlessly scrolling down the comments section. Little did I know that I was going to discover a whole new world! So yeah, a person had commented on how Jungkook looked like Ji Chang Wook in Healer...

My Reaction Now:Ji Chang Wook's Reaction:

  To this day, I still dont' see how anyone can say that. They clearly don't look alike. Anywhooo...

Long story short, one drama lead to another and here I am!


First Korean drama that I have watched is... 




First Chinese drama that I have watched is...

A Love So Beautiful


First Taiwanese drama that I have watched is...

Attention Love


Favourite Drama Quotes

"Don't be discouraged.... The train continues along the track no matter how many mutts bark at it"

- Miss Hammurabi

           "To me, all loves are first loves"    

- It's Okay That's Love

"When I lost my memories, when I had erased you, I came to love you again. Even if I lose my memories again, if that time     you're worried about what's to come, I'll find you , and I'll                                                    love you again"                                                  

- I Hear Your Voice

"If I can have you, I will protect you forever. For a lifetime"

- Faith 

"Don't sacrifice the present for the future. Be present in every minute and every second"

- Chicago Typewriter

"No one will give you a prize for not crying. So cry when you want to cry."                       - Moorim School


Favourite Drama Couples

Sung Shi Won + Yoon Yoon Jae

Reply 1997

Kim Bok Joo + Jung Joon Hyeong

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

                  Noh Eul + Shin Joon Yeong                    Uncontrollably Fond

                         Choi In Ha + Kim Ha Myung                      Pinocchio

                      Ra Eun Ho + Hyun Tae Woon                        School 2017

                           Hong Ra On + Lee Yeong                            Love In The Moonlight

                     Chae Yong Shin + Seo Jung Hoo                      Healer

                              Yoo Eun Soo + Choi Yeong                                Faith

                          Ha Moon Soo + Lee Kang Doo                        Just Between Lovers

                               Chen Xiao Xi + Jiang Chen                            A Love So Beautiful

                          Jang Hye Sung + Park Soo Ha                      I Hear Your Voice
                                  Jo Ji Ah + Kim Min Kyu                                 I'm Not A Robot

                       Jeong Ddol Mi + Lee Hae Seong                   D-Day

                              Choi Ae Ra + Ko Dong Man                               Fight For My Way

                           Ko Bok Shil + Kang Ji Seong                            Shopping King Louie

                                  Yoo Ri Ta + Park Ji Sang                          Blood

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