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Favorite Entertainers:

Kim Jong KookHong Jin HoHahaPark Myung SooLee Kwang Soo


Favorite TV Actors:

Yoon Kye SangSo Ji SeobJo Seung WooKim Nam GilGo Soo
Lee Joon KiPark Shi Ho


Favorite Movie Actors:

Ha Jung WooHwang Jung MinChoi Min ShikSeol Kyung GooSong Kang Ho
Cha Tae HyunSo Ji SeobLee Seong MinJang HyukMa Dong Seok
Kim Nam GilJo Jin Woong

Favorite Actresses:

Yoon Eun HyeKim Nam JooUhm Ji WonHan Ye SeulOh Yeon Seo
Jung So Min

Favorite Singers:

Kim Jong KookKim Kwang SeokJessi

Favorite Variety Shows:

Running Man, The Genius, I Can See Your Voice, Knowing Brother

Favorite Dramas:

Iljimae, City Hunter, IRIS, Time Between Dog and Wolf, Cain and Abel, You're Beautiful, Reply 1997, Life, Mask, Oh Hae Young Again, Kurosagi, The Defendant, Mr. Sunshine, Green Rose, Bad Guy, Secret Forest, Mischievous Kiss (Korean), The Princess' Man, The Fiery Priest

Favorite Movies:

The Admiral: Roaring Currents, The Age Of Shadows, The Flu, Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds, Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned, Thread Of Lies, Inside Men, Blind, A Man Who Was Superman, Hello Ghost, Il Mare.

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