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By the beach.


By the beach.

As of the moment, I am busy being a mommy.

But here are some stuff about me  

Aside from watching Dramas, I love Skimboarding and Surfing.

On the sidelines I am a Blogger, Tweetuser, Instagrammer, Reader, Fan-fic Writer, 

Wanabebarista, Traveler, Lurker, Dreamer, Superhero, Batgirl... 

and most of all... 

I am a committed Asian Drama and Movie Addict.

You can view the randomness of my life by clicking the pictures below.


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My drama and movie preferences vary depending on my mood. I could basically watch anything under the sun as long as I find it interesting, but I stir away from Horror. I'm simply a wuss when it comes to creepy-scary-things. They tend to stick in my mind for 2 weeks, but if its a funny horror mixed with Rom-Com just like Master's Sun or Oh My Ghost, I can reconsider watching it. If I really need to pick a genre to watch, I would chose Rom-Com anytime. I love watching dramas that make me laugh and keep the happy vibes going on for days.

Current drama I'm hooked up with:

~The Red Sleeve~


~The King's Affection~

*gif credit to winar from Tumblr*

~Secret Royal Inspector & Joy~*gif credit to dailyasiandramas from Tumblr*

I like talking about dramas I have seen... so if you are someone who wants to talk about dramas we've both watched, please do leave me a comment or a message. I would love to discuss dramas with YOU!



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