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Somewhere in Blighty


Somewhere in Blighty


My name is Blaize and I'm a British viewer of Asian Cinema. I'm a guy that likes making lists and tracking things which makes me sound boring which In some aspects I guess I am. Still less about me and more about these Asian Movies and which slice most takes my fancy.

Well primarily I'm a viewer of Anime, In fact I'm pretty much addicted to the stuff frankly. As such it takes most of my time so I haven't been watching as much Asian cinema as I would like over the years but I'm slowly getting through all the classics I've wanted to see.

My favourite movies tend to be of the Hong Kong Triad/Heroic Bloodshed variety. Anything with a huge body count and doves. I was introduced to this 'genre' as it were by the John Woo and Chow Yun-Fat mega hits 'A Better Tomorrow, The Killer and Hard Boiled'. I'm sure I'm one of the many who lays claim to those movies being their first steps into watching Asian Cinema. 

I also really enjoy Japanese classic cinema be it Kurosawa's Samurai, Ozu slice of life or Kaiju movies because who doesn't like Godzilla?

So at some point this all led to me eventually watching Infernal Affairs (about 7 years ago if I recall correctly) which essentially changed everything for me. I quite simply adore that trilogy, especially the first which is matter-of-fact my favourite film ever made, Asian or otherwise. It's executed so well and I've come to love Infernal Affairs more and more upon every viewing, of which there have been many. The acting, the soundtrack, the story, the style are all just exceptional in my opinion, not that that's a controversial statement to make these days. 

This led me into eventually deciding that this hobby of consuming Asian Cinema was something I want to sink my teeth into. Right now I've barely had a nibble but I hope for that to change dramatically over the coming years. I have the desire and indeed alot of the movies on my shelf, now it's just the case of watching them all and boy is that going to be fun!! 

Anyway I think I've waffled long enough now, if you have read all the way to this point then i thank you for your patronage and feel free to drop a comment or better yet a suggestion of a great movie or indeed drama to watch. 

Either way thanks for stopping by


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