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MY other MDL

Titles not listed at MDL:

BL movies and dramas the ones that have a :-) and is Dark Blue  i seen and all the others ill get to them when i can find them.


15 (Eng Subs) new! :-)

200 American

4:30 (Eng Subs) new! :-)

99 days (Hongkong)


A Crimson Mark (short korean gay film) :-)

A Frozen Flower :-)

A Home at the End of The World (Non-Asian) 

A Queer Story (HK 1997) (Eng Subs)

A Touch of Fever - Hatachi no Binetsu (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Ai no Kotodama (Eng Subs) :-)

Ai no Kotodama 2 - Sekai no Hate Made (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Amphetamine (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Ang Lalake Sa Parola (Eng Subs) :-)

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (Eng Subs) :-)

Antique (Eng Subs) :-)

Antique Cake Store (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Antonio's Secret (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Artemisia, Ai Tsao - 2009 :-)

Asymmetry (Raw)


Bad Romance (2011)

Bangkok Love Story (Eng Subs) 

Beautiful Boxer (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Big Bang Love Juvenile A (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Bishonen (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Boku no Kareshi wo Shokai Shimasu (Raw) :-)

Bokura no Ai no Kanade (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Boring Love -Seng Ped- (Eng Subs)

Boy (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Boy Crush (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only) :-)

Boy Culture (Non-Asian)

Boy Meets Boy (2008, English sub) :-)

Boys Love: (Eng Subs) :-)

Boys Love 2 (Eng Subs) :-)

Boys on Film 6 - Pacific Rim (2011)


Bungee Jumping of Their Own (English-sub) :-)


Camellia Project :-)

Campus Crush (need help to get subs) :-)

Children of God

Chinese Boys Love Story (Short film, non-Asian) :-)

Circles (Eng Sub) Watch Online Only

City Without Baseball (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Crush (Michael J. Saul)

Crystal Boys :-)

Cut sleeve b.o.y.s (2006)


Dangerous Love [TVXQ] :-)


Down the river (eng) :-)

Dream Boy 

Du Er Ikke Alene (You Are Not Alone)


East Palace, West Palace (Eng Subs) :-)

End of Love (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Enter the Phoenix (Eng Subs) :-)

Eternal Summer :-)

Ethan Mao (Eng Subs) :-)


Farewell My Concubine (Eng Subs)

Feeding Boys Ayaya

Formula 17 (Eng Subs) :-)

Fragile in Love (Chinese Subs) :-)

Fujimi Block No. 2 Symphony Orchestra (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Funeral Parade of Roses (Eng Subs)


Girlfriend Boyfriend (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Gloomy Salad Days (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Go! Go! G-Boys (Eng Subs)  :-)

Gohatto (Eng Subs) :-)

Gonin (Eng Subs)

Going Down in LalaLand (Eng Subs) new!


Happy Together :-)

Hatsu-koi- First Love (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Heavenly Touch (Eng) new! :-)

Hello My Love (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Huhwihaji Anha (No Regret) :-)

Hush! (English subbed) :-)

Haunting Me 4 (2012 movie)

Home: Love, Happiness, Remembrance (2012 movie)

Haunting Me 3 (2011 movie)


I Am Not What You Want (2001 ; English, Chinese sub) :-)

Imoral (Raw) new!

In My Life (Eng Subs) new!

Innocent (Eng Subs) :-)

In The Light (Short film, non-asian) Watch Online Only

Iron Ladies (Eng Subs) :-)

Iron Ladies 2 (Eng Subs) :-)

It Seems to Rain (Eng Subs) new!

Itsuka No Kimi E (English Subs ) :-)


Junjou [Pure Heart] (English Subs) new! :-)

Just Friends? (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Journey of Love (????)


Keep The Lights On new!

Kim Chu-ja (Eng Subs) :-)

Kimi no Ita Natsu Zenhen - if u know where I can watch this with eng subs let me know plz

Kindan no Koi (Eng Subs) :-)

Kira Kira Hikaru new!

Kizumomo (English Subs) new! :-)


L'Homme De Sa Vie

Lan Yu (Eng Subs) :-)

Life is Beautiful - The Beginning :-)

Life is Beautiful - The Sequel :-)

Life is Beautiful - The Last Part :-)

Like Grains of Sand (Eng Subs) :-)

Looking new!

Lost in Paradise (Vietnam) (Eng Subs) :-)

Love 100 Degrees C (2011) (Eng Subs) :-)

Love Actually Sucks (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only)

Lucky Bastard ( Eng Subs)


M2M 3: Versus (Raw) new!

Mambo Italiano (2003)

Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san (Eng Subs) new!

Miss Boys (Eng Subs) :-)

Moreno aka Bronze (Raw) new!

Muscle (1989)

My fair son (Eng Subs) :-)

My Friend is Still Alive new! :-)

My Best Gay Friends (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only - Vietnamese Series)


Nagisa no Sindbad (Like Grains of Sand) :-)

Napola ~ Before The Fall Night Corridor (Eng Subs) new!

Ningen Shikkaku (Eng Subs) new! :-)

No Regret (Eng Subs) :-)

Noordzee Texas (Eng Subs, Non-Asian) new!


Ouran High School Host Club (Eng) :-)


Pair of Love new! :-)

Permanent Residence

Princess Princess (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Private Romeo


Quite Ordinary (short) (Eng subs) new! :-)


Rainbow Eyes new!

REC (Eng Sub) new! if you know where I can watch this with eng sub plz let me know

Ren Ai Shindan-Tsubasa no Kakera (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Ren Ai Shindan- Unmei No Kodou (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Reincarnate / จุติ (2010 movie)

RH Plus (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Right by Me (Eng Subs) new! :-)

Rodeu-mubi new! (Korean BL, no subs, Watch Online Only)


Salo (Share)

Seeing Heaven



Silom Soi 2 (Eng Subs)


Soundless Wind Chime (Eng Subs) 

Splendid Float (Eng Subs) new!

Spring Fever (Eng Subs)

Stateless Things (Korean, RAW) new!

Strapped (2010)  Struggle (Non-asian) Watch Online Only 

Sukitomo (Eng Subs) :-)

Summer Storm :-)

Summer Vacation 1999 (Eng Subs)  :-)

Suri Nokoshita Natsu- Golden Bomber Movie (Eng Subs)


Taiikukan Baby (Eng Subs) :-)

Takumi-kun I: Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite (Eng Subs) :-)

Takumi-kun II: Niji iro no Garasu (Eng Subs) :-)

Takumi-kun III: Bibou no  Detail ( Eng Subs ) :-)

Takumi-kun IV: Pure (Eng Subs) :-)

Takumi-kun V: Ano Hareta Aozora (Eng Subs) :-)

The 10th Great Thing

The Accident (Sam yuen yi ma) (1999)

The Boy Next Door (Short movie, non-asian) new! Watch Online Only :-)

The Closet (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only) :-)

The Depth (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only) :-)

The Favor 1 & 2 new! (Watch Online Only) :-)

The King and The Clown (Eng Subs) :-)

The Iron Ladies 1 (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only) :-)

The Love of Siam (Eng Subs) :-)

The Postcard (Eng Subs)

To Dance with Darkness (Short movie, non-asian) new! Watch Online Only


Two Weddings and a Funeral (Raw) new! :-)

This Area Is Under Quarantine (2008 documentary)

The First Love (????)


Vampire Boys

Verbotone Liebe (Forbidden Love) (Series, Eng Subs) 

Verona (The movie) (Eng Subs) :-)


Walang Kawala (Raw + Eng Subs) new!

Water (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only)

Watercolors (2008) 

Weekend (2011) 

When Beckham Met Owen (Eng subs) :-)

White Night (Korean, RAW)


You Used to Smile That Way (Eng Subs) new!


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