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hii! I'm Natalie~~

Recently I became obsessed with chinese historical dramas - at first I really hated all those fake fight scenes or bad special effects but now... well.. I only want to watch c-dramas.

I'm a sucker for romances - I really need love storyline in a drama and actors that have some kind of chemistry. I  like when a drama is really nicely done - location, dresses, hair.... Also I feel like the history part in historical drama is important..

 I'm not a big fan of fantasy characters in dramas (especially when it is an evil characters - they just look too funny to me)... so I think white hair looks good but only in a webtoon. My favorite dramas are mostly korean and chinese, I don't like japanese ones. 

 I used to watch dramas that had only 16-25 ep, but lately  dramas  over 40/50 episodes are my favourite..

~my ratings of dramas might seem unfair sometimes, but I just rate them based on how I feel after watching a drama..


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