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Someone who's enthusiastic about life and dramas. A girl of faith. Can be the best friend you'll ever have ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

My first love is watching Jdoramas as they were the rage during my high school days. They were also being televised in our local broadcasting TV stations back then as internet is quite scarce yet at the time. I've fallen to lots of J-actors at that time, but my all time fave would definitely be the late, Haruma Miura (╥﹏╥).

And then also came to enjoy and love Kdramas and Cdramas. At first, I'm more of a casual Cdrama fan. But since 2020, after watching Cheng Yi in Immortal Samsara, I tried to pay more attention to Cdramas now.

I don't just merely watch dramas of my faves nor I have to have to watch their every drama. Whatever interests me and gets me hooked, I go for it. My faves serve as a guide for me on where and what to start watching ~


Favorite Drama characters:

Toma Ikuta in Hana Kimi

Jang Dong Yoon in The Tale of Nokdu

IU in Hotel Del Luna

 Zhao Lusi in Who Rules the World

Xu Kai in Arsenal Military Academy

Minami Hamabe in Kakegurui

 Sato Takeru in Rurouni Kenshin

Fave CP Pairings~

Favorite Actors/People ~

Jang Dong Yoon
Cheng Yi
Tan Jian Ci
Chae Jong Hyeop
Zeng Shun Xi
Liu Yu Ning
Zhang Ling He
Yoshizawa Ryo 

My Queens ~

My Roman Empire ^=^

This trio will always have my heart. Li Lianhua, Fang Doubing, and Di Feisheng. Their dynamic in Mysterious Lotus Casebook is one of the best I've seen in a  drama.What's more endearing is outside of the drama, these three, Cheng Yi, Zeng Shun Xi, and Xiao Shunyao have found a genuine friendship/brotherhood with each other. I wouldn't mind another drama with the three of them again (wishful thinking) ~
But, of course, still nothing beats the Fang Doubing and Li Lianhua duo.. hehe. Words aren't enough to describe them. They're like wife and husband (non-romantic way). Yin and Yang. Soulmates.


My first LOVE......

~~~ RIP ~~~



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