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Fish Upon the Sky
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Nov 26, 2022
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Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 10
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Sutthaya ruined the show for me

The story was really good in my opinion, classic story line, enemies to lovers trope and all. If someone would summarize it for you,
You wouldve thought its another clichè story, always the same but i guarantee you, It's not.

The way they depicted the stalkers/shippers were really good too; some dramas like to debunk them as fans when sometimes they act really obsessive and sometimes know about private matters as if they have been watching the character up close. But the way Pattawee actually faced the two admins of the fan account and clarified that he was unsafe and uncomfortable, I'm glad the authors acknowledge such an issue.

The actors depicted their characters very nicely, you can tell their emotions and feelings just by looking at their face and most of the time, eyes

one thing that bothered me is Sutthaya, if you've watched the show, you know He didnt defend Pattawee against those commentors and even giving those people a chance to attack him by stating that he likes Pattawee in the Live.
He also never changed even after the incident, I had expected that he would try to understand why Pattawee felt really defensive and unsafe towards people knowing about their relationship but No.
Some people may not realize this but he was really manipulative towards Pattawee and it really showed toward the ending where he and other "friends" (aka those intrusive shippers) celebrated Sutthaya's B-day.
When Pattawee ran away after Sutthaya smeared icing in his face in a flirting manner, Sutthaya tried to talk to him and I thought he would finally understand Pattawee's feelings but no he manipulated him into confessing their relationship in front of those very obsessive shippers that CLEARLY attacked Pattawee since his shipping incident, invalidating the fact that he was brutally bullied not long before this whole story happened.
You would love Sutthaya because of his persistance toward the person he loves but the persistance would turn into a "silence means no" type of manner once you get into the later episodes

in conclusion, everything was nice except for Sutthaya for me

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