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Somewhere only we know


Somewhere only we know

A fan of Asian series since 2004-2005 (old action movies don’t count)

While I was watching mostly Taiwanese & Japanese series between anime and manga, I wasn’t really into Asian series. I will forever be thankful to MatsuJun for making me an otaku. 

I’m a former fan of J-rock, visual kei and J-pop (mostly Johnny’s bands, my favourite being Arashi)

Over the years I have had many crushes like MatsuJun,  Kimutaku, Mike He, Yamapi, Lee Min Ki, Lee Joon Gi, Kim Soo Hyun and my newest one is Deng Lu.

My obsession these days are Wuxia. I don’t like watching movies as rather than to see a rushed story, better a boring series.

I don’t like stuffy palace plots, as complex series get me bored. I do enjoy some psychological series as long as the action is not dragging. I also avoid sad or open endings like plague.

I usually don’t enjoy popular series, so I tend to ignore recommendations. 

I’m a sucker for attractive leads in series and will forgive bad acting if the story gets me hooked.

* Introvert*

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I’ve watched so many bad series that now I’m quite lenient in my grading..My motto is “it could’ve been much worse”.  I keep changing my grades randomly as well as I rewatch scenes/ series.

In the process of re-watching some older series


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