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Kill Me, Heal Me korean drama review
Kill Me, Heal Me
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by yaima
Feb 15, 2016
20 of 20 episodes seen
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Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
This review may contain spoilers
It was amazing the best story ever , I dont know why I didnt watch it earlier, I had it marked down in my list IN MY MIND WHILE I WAS DEBATING TO WATCH IT OR NOT; I said its another love story aaah another medical drama, AND IT HAS COMEDY !!? Its not going to be anything serious its going to be all fun and jokes. I didnt even bother in reading the review, Now!! Oh please do hit me in the head , Im so embarrassed it was was the best drama ive watched so much that I watched it in One whole day I fell asleep at 4am and I finished it; I didnt want to wait another day. The funny moments were moments that can really. Make you laugh, and the sad ones can really make you cry oh of course only if you really put attencion, when I never cried was when. Someone in my household got me distracted and I could follow the emocions, so to really taste it its best alone or with someone who doesn't talk a lot, :) Music: AWESOME everytime the music came on I felt like my soul was being sucked in, the voices were perfect for the drama ACTING: PERSONALLY speaking I dont know how hard it is to act but doing different voices personalities must be hard, I appreciate his acting, Her acting was Good too they make a Good couple, they both can make you laugh and cry. WHAT I DIDNT LIKE ; HERE GOES, I dont want people thinking that its a bad ending or anything, in its own way it was good totally Good, but personally speaking; I who have watched so many endings, would have liked to see a lot more,( I dont know if this is considered a spoiler) but I was expecting more of a relationship with the father after everything was cleared out I dont think his father ever found out about his D.I.D (personality disorder) probably that part was the most confusing for me; probably is just me hahah. None nobody in the family came to say sorry to the girl, even the name her mother gave her was taken away ,even though she was okay with it, OK OK LIKE I SAID THE DRAMA IS AWESOME THERE NONE OTHER LIKE IT EVEN THE ENDING WAS GREAT ALL IVE SAID IS JUST MY PERSONAL THINKING YOU definitely have to watch it don't read my negative comments or my bickering it's just my way of explaining ,what I thought would have been a better ending, but I did like this ending ok, its such a good drama that even if somebody tries and spoiles it for you, you wont feel like its getting spoiled, because even if someone tries to explain it to you, when your watching the drama is such a different vibe a different movement it makes you go haywire the drama absorbs all your time. Good day bye bye hopefully this is helpful
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