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Yellow Boots korean drama review
Yellow Boots
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by yaima
Jan 2, 2017
108 of 108 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
Even thought I gave an over all rating of 8.0, this was a fantastic drama, I'm the type that didn't like long dramas specially when that category is melodrama were is not included romance or comedy or romance and melo you know we're I'm headed, this drama is 108 EPISODES I'm like sitting on my bed and I'm like I'll fall asleep as soon as I hit 12 or 30 episodes, a while back I watched the drama (loving you a thousand times), for me that was one long drama and just because of that story I started liking longer dramas specially when there was family involved, it was sad and exciting at the same time and then after watching other dramas I came to see( yellow boots) or as much may know it as ( ice Adonis), the story was great or what people say the idea of the story was awesome. You would have to experience it for yourself I can't say I like or dislike it because everyone thinks differently my mother who watched it with me cried and laughed and even got so angry and that evil lieing bi*** that broke my computer at that time with all do respect at the actress it's just a role but she felt that way and I felt that (THERE WAS TO MUCH LIES INVOLVED) even though the idea probably was to make the protagonist grow up be stronger and even learn how to fight for what she believes in, The story helped to evil to fake i'm not a writer I know how to make up a story but still It felt to fake The music was awesome it went with the story the actors are believable even though I felt fake I would've believed it because of the acting I love those actors they're great actors everyone have their part down to every detail even the evil witch that mean lady that conniving woman I would've loved that the protagonist would get into role faster,it felt that she waited until the end to get revenge I felt she was too innocent she fell too much in the traps, I guess in the way she wanted to stay believing in my thinking, that her friend was with the heart,I felt it wasn't fair I felt that even though the good girl what's up attacking missed Who took most of the story, what's the antagonist everything was flowing around if she wasn't in the story everything will be fine my thinking,of course you would tell me well if they wasn't an Antagonist and protagonist there wouldn't have been a story you could just decide and dropping it but still It felt to evil it felt that the antagonist didn't feel that sorry for herself, my bad let me rephrase it she didn't feel that much remorse probably until the end ha ha ha ha I'm not good at explaining I don't even know if I'm making any sense to you to everyone of you but it is a well done story for somebody who likes suspends you could say that if you like a weak protagonist getting abused by evil antagonist it would be the best drama for you some people like the second lead that the first lead i'm not saying that the protagonists was weak all the time she knew how to defend herself later on in the story but still felt really long for me the music was great the acting was great the story was mmm.... The rewatch value I don't know if I were to rewatch it probably if my taste would change in stories probably I would give it another chance and see more detailed in the story but it's really long to long for that kind of story overall I did give it an eight is really good you should give it a try don't follow exactly what I say because what I said before people have different tastes I even mean myself I follow the reviews of other people and I give it a try even though some people give it a six of overall or some people give it a 10 and sometimes the six overall was better than the 10th overall story so don't follow what I say just give it a try see for yourself but I hope in the way I did give you a good opinion of what I thought about the story The actors are great, if by any chance your favorite actor is in the drama,more so to give it a try you'll see different parts of them in different ways I hope what I did or said will help.
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