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Desperate Love chinese drama review
Desperate Love
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by yaima
Jun 25, 2017
41 of 41 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 9.0
For starters I hope that my review helps and doesn't spoil anything all that I will be saying is my point of view thanks for reading, I gave only an 8 to the actual story because for some reason personal reason I didn't really like the way things ended in a way, there was love from beginning to end this story made me think of real life love not everything has to end with a happy ending kinda thing like the other reviews it's kinda like scarlet heart and the other stories there's a little of everything including wars the story is easy to understand, I loved everything about it except the ending it's not that it wasn't a good ending don't get me wrong but if you're the type of person who fantasises with a happy ending with the couple together ext...... this probably will be not so good to watch for you. If you like to cry in a drama this is the story for you I cried many times and I'm usually not that much of a crybaby watching a drama since I avoided dramas who make me cry I'm a happy person, :) this just shows how good the show cause when I started watching I couldn't stop watching it even with the happy and sad moments, In this story you'll end up loving all the actors even the antagonists because there such good actor they make everything looks so real in my opinion of course, from the good people you'll end up loving the grandmother who supports the protagonist until the end it's hard to see in a drama that the grand queen dowager is a good person with a heart amd someone who's not always trying to fight for the kings throne something like that the king is amazing the prince protagonist OMG I don't have any words spectacular the MUSIC IN THIS DRAMA IS great because it matches to the story especially since I was a bit prejudice towards C-dramas always thinking they were always boring this story didn't give me that Rewatchable value : I gave it a 9 for the simple reason that yes I would watch it sometime later not so soon just thinking about it makes me cry of the way things ended even though I know it had to end like that to be memorable in our minds, I recomend this story a lot give it chance watch it and prepare toilet paper or towel for the tears that out of nowhere you'll experience without even noticing even if you think I may have spoiled something when you watch the story you won't feel spoiled because everyone has a different opinion you'll get emerged in the story you'll feel like you're there with them experiencing love and pain and dispare and all the above with the actors.
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