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hi i am jen

46. pisces, ox, b+ <-(to gauge my personality whichever you follow)

happily divorced with no children/pets

dad suggested people watching at a coffee shop (i drink hot cocoa) -> befriended younger man barista who introduced me to anime -> befriended female chat room moderator at a streaming site who introduced me to kpop and asian dramas

from 2019 friending event

real name: jennifer renee s

age: just because i am over a certain age, happily divorced, living alone (not lonely) and enjoy looking at younger men don't you dare call me a cougar!

countries watched: china, japan, korea, taiwan

genres watched: stats tab there for this purpose . ;) leeched off friend's watchlist first. she introduced me to dramas then some aimless wandering on my own too

binge or space it out? two to four episodes a day usually. wish i had attention span skill to binge not wander off fifteen minutes, half hour, hour between episodes ... oopsie. i start a drama i finish a drama i start next drama

what i expect out of dramas? entertainment and/or escapism. ignore daily life and absorb enjoyable scenery be that of architecture, costuming/fashion, human form or nature

to best of my memory below
first kpop: beast (now highlight) - shock

prefer energetic dance to ballads. have not kept up closely with new groups for several years now

first korean movie: classic

first korean drama: you're beautiful

first japanese movie: kamikaze girls or yo yo girl cop at my first anime convention before i was watching dramas and nana after started into dramas

first japanese drama: nodame cantabile

first taiwanese drama: fated to love you

first chinese movie: raise the red lantern or curse of the golden flower before watching dramas and back to 20 after started into dramas

first chinese drama: addicted


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