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watch kdramas the most but dabble in cdramas!   started watching dramas regularly in 2016 + have been watching them ever since i was little. i prefer binging but will also watch ongoing. i think my first drama that i remember was good morning call

     i drop shows very easily.  prefer binge watching to waiting weekly but i will do both! probably only 1/3 of the dramas + movies i've watched have been logged onto MDL ... will attempt to write make this bio a little more lengthy, pls look forward to more reviews in the future~

eng/cn/kor ok!

i just hate
lee jehoon, song joongki (specifically in DOTS), lee sangyeob, kim youngdae, kento yamazaki, wi ha joon, hwang inyeop, ki seon gyeom (i guess i'm including fictional characters as well now), cho sang gu (LJH is in this list twice go cry about it), e2l lover
lee minho (do not tell me to elaborate /lh), people who dislike specific female korean actors a little TOO much (i.e song hye kyo), rich abusive boy meets poor submissive girl trope, "ugly" girl gets makeover trope

*to note tbh some of my "currently watching list" are just urgent, about to watch titles


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