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welcome to my profile,,,,,,my first Korean drama was jewelry in the palace but i didn't fall in love with Korean drama because of it .LEE MEN HO was the reason,,, he was my first love*was* NOW every thing change LOL !!!!!!!! but any way thank you OPPA to let me know Korean world 

facts about my character 

>> MY CHARACTER IS SO difficult some time I think if i met version of me i would like here OR not ..and GUESS WHAT my answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..

>> I get nervous so fast and be cool so fast * i think I am crazy * LOL!!!

i get bored so fast so I can’t see long drama..

MY  favorite quotes >> Everyone spends their youth years…it’s a time more beautiful ,,because we are immature, and a time that sparkles brightly,,we are not afraid because we have nothing to lose,,and our hearts flutter because we can have anything ,,Dear youth who are living the present ,,you are awesome..

this quote made me think a lot and a lot of my *youthful years* and try to be happy more and more and stop thinking of the future SO I want to say thanks Kim Bok Joo ♥

                                                  my favorite kpop group

                                                                           EXO 84JQ7aA3_0ea135_f.jpg

and i love (snsd/red velvet/black pink/big bang/super junior/shinee/ ikon/2ne1 T_T)...





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