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⋆★✧☆⋆✰✭✩⋆☆✦⋆★                                  about me                                      ⋆★✧☆⋆✰✭✩⋆☆✦⋆★

  • my nickname is jean, i'm 20 years old.
  • my mbti type is infp. 
  • i'm a capricorn with aquarius rising so you know how chaotic trash i'm.
  • i'm from turkey and live in there but my dream place is rjukan.
  • i'm a graphic design student (sophomore).
  • i like watching dramas since 2015, i don't remember my first drama but it was probably hana yori dongo. i'm more like anime watcher type (since 2013) so i found that drama while stalking in weird otaku sites.
  • i love listening to music, i like kpop too. i got into kpop because of kim jaejoong (tvxq), my first fandom was army, currently i like monsta x the most. stan monsta x.
  • my rating system is really changeable so you don't need to know.
  • i'm an also writer, i'm writing brutal horror stories. :p
  • that's it. that's me.

feel free to contact me. i like making friends.


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