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Love for Love's Sake korean drama review
Love for Love's Sake
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by ganji_gpt
17 days ago
8 of 8 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 4.0
Rewatch Value 10.0

I didnt exepect I will invest my feeling for this series.

Accidentally stumbled acrosss and find this series, honestly I saw some shorts on but it was really not much doesnt gave me mood to watch it. But i was bored so I think I wanted to try this series and I didnt expect this series would hits me this much.

(PROS) :
- Story : Very unexpected storyline, altough I literally tought it just basic romance story line with a game stuff?? I almost gave up until I find out Yeowoon story. I feel sad and I stay for his story. But again, expect the unexpected from this series. This series really not playing with the plotline.

-Acting/Cast: Everyone in this series does amazing job. But kuddos for Lee Tae Vin & Cha Joo Wan, they really all-in with their character which makes me invest so much with this two character. I want to hug Yeowoon so bad. T_T

(CONS) :
- Music/OST : I felt like this series seems doesnt have a proper Original Sound Track. T___________T
You know theres many scene that if they have their own ost it would makes it memorable. Well most of them is already memorable imo even without OST. But I think OST will definetly works like icing on the cake for this series. This series is already done really well, very well. But OST really really matters to the audience feelings. :)))))))
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