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Mean Girl Ah Chu
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by greysniper

Mar 7, 2012
24 of 24 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 4.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
Not as bad as I thought it might be after watching the first episode (thank you my annoying habit of finishing everything I start). I like the role reversal; Girl saves guy rather than guy saves girl. If anything it's got the Taiwanese holy trinity: Good looking leads Decent (if not good) story: [I am sorry Taiwanese fans but as much as I watch a lot of Taiwan dramas like the next addict, I find a lot of it fluff drama] Good balance of humor/romance It was, thankfully, not all Taiwanese-idol-fluff drama. Sam Wang has got to get more leading roles, by the way. He's actually not that bad when you get him out of the shadow of someone else's drama. Though such is the life of a second lead, your talent can go unnoticed (I, until recently, didn't like Ming Dao for the same reason, too many idol-fluff, not enough proper acting. Once you get these two to do something out of the norm they surprise you). Can I say that it's the greatest drama ever? No. I can say it wasn't a waste of time, nor am I demanding my life back after watching it. It was average, acceptable, and light enough to watch and think fondly of after completing it. Can I say that I'd re-watch it? Well... I already did. When it came out and last year when nothing good was on. Overall: Fair enough for a good time and maybe one or two re-watches.
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