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A Werewolf Boy korean movie review
A Werewolf Boy
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by haha63
Jun 20, 2013
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Overall 10
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
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This review may contain spoilers
I watched this yesterday, and I still can't seem to get over how amazing and tear-jerking this film was! Song Joong Ki was a big factor in why I decided to watch this film, but also because of how well of ratings it was receiving from viewers. Aside from the first 10 or so minutes in the beginning and end of the film, the setting of this film is actually focused more on the past than the present, but it was actually very easy to follow without anything becoming confusing to the audience, so that was good. Although this film is more of a typical "melodrama", I did like how there were incorporated acts of hilarity within the film to show Chul Soo and Soon Yi's progressing relationship. The acting was absolutely incredible. I was so impressed with Song Joong Ki's performance in this film, and I thought it was amazing how he could portray so much emotion just through movements. It was simply incredible. I enjoyed Park Bo Young's performance just as much. Seeing her character transition from secluded and lonely to more optimistic and open to the people surrounding her was so great to watch. However, Yoo Yeon Seok's character was a little too extreme, and what I considered a villain filler in order to turn the film's plot around. I wasn't sure if his actions were out of jealously because Soon Yi showed more affection to Chul Soo than to Ji Tae, but his actions throughout this film were absolutely infuriating to watch. I mean the lying, sabotaging and arrogance was enough to drive anyone mad. In the end, this film had already gripped me emotionally that I had a hard time pulling myself together once it finished. I didn't really think I'd like the film's OST as much as I did. John Park's "Childlike" and Park Bo Young's "Prince" were perfect song fillers to go into this film.. Very slow songs, but still compelling to listen to and managed to fit in well with the film. Overall, a very compelling film that will grip onto you from the beginning to the end. **I will say this though, and consider this a spoiler so read at your own caution, this film had one of the most horrendous and tragic endings I've ever seen in a film.** Your reaction to the ending won't really rely on whether you watch the theatrical version or the director's cut version, because both tell the exact same ending.. And I mean, you'll be sobbing like a baby either way so... This film definitely earned becoming the most successful Korean melodrama film of all time. It was very moving, and had a well told love story with unbelievable chemistry.. I 100% guarantee you will be bawling by the end of the film, but will still come to love it because of the well told and beautiful story it offers. I recommend this film to everyone, but prepare a box of tissues.
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