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Welcome to my profile! (^o^)/

STATS I have mostly watched Korean and Japanese dramas / movies. My list for Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai had grown in the past few years.

LANGUAGES I can understand Korean and Japanese as long as it is not very technical, and I am grateful that I don't have to rely on subtitles a lot. My Chinese is worse and I am starting to pick up a bit of Thai.

GENRES Comedy, romance and mystery are my favorite. I'm not really into crime, medical and melodrama, but my golden rule is to watch any drama with a great plot, so I have plenty of those genres in my watched list.

FAVS I have too many favorite dramas and movies to list, but my favorite character is Wei Wuxian. I generally love those that leaves a meaningful message. I don't like the ones where the plot does not progress much or is quite repetitive. I find that many dramas have more episodes than they need and rushed endings.

SHOWS I mostly watch Korean variety (favorite MC - Yoo Jaesuk) and I really love some idol survival shows. I also watch shows where my favorites appear in.

OTHERS My top 2 Kpop groups are EXO and Got7, and I like watching anime, Although I am not that into Jpop anymore, but my top 2 are Arashi and Hey! Say! JUMP.

Thanks for reading! (^o^)/


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