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mandy x

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hello, my name is samantha but you can call me sam or mandy :)

how I rate dramas:

10: when I rate a drama a 10, that means it has left an impact on me. dramas that I rate a 10 usually means that I think/talk about the drama 24/7! also, it means that I loved watching every episode and really enjoyed the storyline.

9-9.5: usually the dramas I love the most but, it probably has a weird ending that makes me want more (love alarm). but, I still enjoy the story and characters!

8-8.5: probably had some boring parts to the drama or a storyline that I didn’t care for quite much. or It could’ve been the climax of the story wasn’t that satisfying! but, probably still enjoyed it because of the characters. 

7-7.5: this was probably a drama that I had to skip through because of the boring and not interesting storyline but is interesting enough that makes me want to find out how the drama ends. 

below 6: if I complete a drama that I rate a 6 or below means that I really only finished it because my favorite actor/actress is in it or because of the characters. the story wasn’t there for me, probably the ending sucked, etc. but, I still finished it so I guess that means I kinda enjoyed it :)

~my favorite couples~

sun oh and jojo 

haru and dan oh

nok du and dong joo

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