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It all started..

from classic, lighter anime (dog of flanders), to more modern, patriotic anime (this is where I started to fall in love with Japan)

from modern anime, to manga (i've even dreamed of becoming a manga artist working in an underground of a ramen restaurant)

from manga, to live action (if it not based from a manga or anime then it is no good for me but eventually..)

from live action, to other jdorama (I was falling more in love with the country and its culture)

not to mention, I stanned Arashi for a while

from jdrama, to kdrama (the 2 languages differ very much, so I struggled a bit at first but as the time went by, I aspired to be a script writer and Reply 1997 being the #1 contributor of that dream)

from kdrama, to other asian drama (such as TW and Thai).

but dominantly still into kdrama and a bit of kpop (Super Junior, an E.L.F just recently)

and now I am drawn back to jdorama (specially live action of mangas).

but still cannot deny the long list of kdrama and also kvariety shows (Running Man, The Return of Superman and WGM that led me to yearn to be a PD with all those creativity) :D

Wa machigaiarimasen, Japan is my hatsukoi, demo I have high regards for Korean entertainment/media

(A/N: ok, hatsukoi is a bit of exaggeration. it was just like because I was introduced to it first and wanted to show my loyalty)


and could I just add.. they are squad goals! 



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