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It all started..

from classic, lighter anime (dog of flanders), to more modern, patriotic anime (this is where I started to fall in love with Japan)

from modern anime, to manga (i've even dreamed of becoming a manga artist working in an underground of a ramen restaurant)

from manga, to live action (if it not based from a manga or anime then it is no good for me but eventually..)

from live action, to other jdorama (I was falling more in love with the country and its culture)

not to mention, I stanned Arashi for a while (a very clever way of making their logo)

from jdrama, to kdrama (the 2 languages differ very much, so I struggled a bit at first but as the time went by, I aspired to be a script writer and Reply 1997 being the #1 contributor of that dream)

from kdrama, to other asian drama (such as TW and Thai).

but dominantly still into kdrama and a bit of kpop (Super Junior (E.L.F) my first and ultimate bias group)

took notice of them because of the evil maknae but eventually fell for their individual charms in variety skill and their solid teamwork :D

Korea made me aspire to be a PD and screen/script writer

Wa machigaiarimasen, Japan is my hatsukoi, demo I have high regards for Korean entertainment/media

(A/N: ok, hatsukoi is a bit of exaggeration. it was just like because I was introduced to it first and wanted to show my loyalty)

                                                              and could I just add.. they are squad goals!  #7012

                                                                                UPDATE . 1                                                                    (2017)

variety show that stole my heart: New Journey to the West season 3 onwards
(started because of Kyuhyun, stayed because of the casts interaction, PD and the staffs editing skills, witty games and the whole show itself)

my all time favorite drama/series: Seigi no Mikata and Prison Playbook (except for some of the romance part). 

Reply 1997 and Reply 1988 - I love how the characters were written. My aim is to be in the same level with the writers :P would it be possible in this lifetime? ahahaha, well, there is no harm in dreaming.

Sky Castle - through the years, my priority when rating a drama, is mainly the script but after 3GG wrote a very impressive article, I got into liking of noticing and appreciating the directing work - with all the camera and angle works. And sky castle topped it. it has the mix of Japanese vibe (shaky, intense camera work) and the raw Korean vibe. 

                                                                               UPDATE . 2                                                                    (2018)

What I appreciate most in kdramas are censoring violence because I am a choding when it comes to those things. They can excellently bring out the suspense even without the horror of blood and knife. The convincing expressions of the casts and the genius angle of the camera are enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

What I appreciate most in jdoramas are the emphasis on nakamas and if you are into animes, I am sure you know what I am saying. It's like it is their forte in bringing out the beauty of friendship. Those “right on the kokoro” moments ????

What I appreciate most in cdramas are the character developments, mostly with the FL - from an annoying and spoiled one to a more mature one. Although there are a lot of cringe scenes but I love it when they gave us the childhood, highschool, college and working mode of the characters that helps us understand and relate more to the characters.

                                                                                UPDATE . 3                                                                    (2018)

Wakagami samurai that looks so good with long hair >..<

                                                                                UPDATE . 4                                                                    (2018)

(4 is my favorite number)

Super Junior - Favorite in terms of variety shows. (my ultimate bias group!!) I will be forever excited to see new updates about them.

disclaimer: The groups mentioned below does not necessarily mean that I stan them and that I claim to be in their fandom. I just made a list to commemorate the days and songs that I like made/sang by them. - because of him, I was motivated to learn the guitar. Not only his skills impressed me, but also his stage presence whenever he plays the guitar, be it in a couch or at the stage :D He is my favorite when it comes to attitude when he does his thing.

Zion.T - decent music.

Jeong Se Woon - I want to root for him badly since P101 specially when he was in a tight tension of being asked to choose between being a singer or an idol. And his answer was in the middle of being witty and cute - he actually said he just wanted to be the CEO. Hahaha. I hope he remains humble and enjoy what he loves making most - music

Pentagon - music wise is my favorite. I feel like they put a lot of thought from their lyrics to the "Yuto da~" They make music that makes me want to look forward for the next parts by putting twists rather than recycling. (I don't know about others, but this is how I feel towards ⬠). my top 3 songs are: Naughty boy, Just do it yo!, Shine. I realized that I only liked them for few of their songs but not before nor after shine(positive album) and thumbs up era.In which they had the bright, funny concept vs. the cool/dark concept. 

Exo - I did not like them at first, neither as a group nor their songs. Not until TEMPO came out. And since then, I've been checking them out through yep4andy 's videos. :D They can pull off ballads too.

The Rose - F.T. Island was my first kband, followed by N. Flying, but you got to check these flower-talents!!, they debuted just when they were already refined. They came out not as "to-be-polished gems" but actually "gems ready-to-be-discovered" and were already shining. In my humble opinion, they debuted where in they actually have bloomed already unlike other idols (bato, bato sa langit) that are half-baked when they debuted.

Honeyst - but not stanning them yet, because as I want to say above, i want to be with them till the end and don't want to start half heartedly, although they look promising already :)  So I am waiting until they are more refined in which I made a challenge also to make myself better until the day that I will binge watch all their videos. :P

Seventeen - As for them, they grew in me in a different way. I was more of a song  fanatic and care less of the dance. But with them, I prefer to listen to them while watching their dance to appreciate fully of them as a team because their synchronization is just out of this world (considering their intense choreo with a lot of jumps and all). Although there are exceptional dancers in the team but they prioritize more on being in sync rather than some who will "stand out than the rest" to take the spotlight. And that is what I truly admire about them.  They raised the bar of what is to dance specially with a team. 

Concept wise, they are my favorite. 

NU'EST - the most recent. And the reason is simple: 4 out of 5 members are 95-liners in which I am a 95 myself. Their journey got me so hooked on them and thankful that they are still in this industry cause I want to appreciate more of them. :)

(this will never feel complete without the fanchants)

others that I acknowledge: N. Flying (discovered them through SavyGuitar2.0's videos, their ballad versions are no joke), Eric Nam,  10cm (his collabs are jjang),  IU, Highlight, Winner, Ikon, Got 7, B1A4, Sechskies(1st generation idols!!)

(List is based on what is saved in my spotify playlist. Can't wait to discover more gems though)

I am not a musician myself so most of on the list are biased on how they do on variety shows.

NO GROUP HAS IT ALL, so I'm pointing what I like best on each group


This is me when I watch dramas: (imagine the oppas and senpais/ikemen are telling you these :P )

1. Change into comfortable clothes (0:30)

2. Sit on favorite spot of the room (0:34)

3. Careful that the battery doesn't drain (0:39)

4. Any food to accompany me (0:53)

And let the drama marathon begin!

1. a drama that touches me (1:05) 

2. a drama scene/moment that makes me laugh (1:09)

3. a drama that excites me and keeps me from sleep (1:14)

          * makes noise 

my special taste: sweet but sad and breathtaking. (1:27) yes please~

4. Turns up the volume and or replay scenes that makes my heart flutter (1:33)

5.  Breaking my word on saying that it will be my last episode to watch before going to sleep (2:28, 3:03)

-_- duh, how can I sleep when curiosity haunts me and can I add, waiting on ongoing dramas is a torture, but I don't quite get my lesson yet on waiting for it to be completed before starting.

HONEYST hwaiting! see you in two years (5.25.20), when both of us are better :D
*P.S. you should check out their song "perfume" :D


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