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United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates


I am Shay and this is not my real name it’s like a short-cut of my real name. 

Too long ago I watched couples of Japanese dramas and I never ever watch or think to watch Korean dramas. When I was in college two of my classmate were always watching Korean dramas during class time and breaks. I was always teasing them how they could watch something when the language was not familiar of we used to. During of this time I was watching American tv series and Turkish dramas. After I graduate to be accurate two months after graduation. I found a kdrama which was “Flower of the Queen” and can tell this was my first Korean drama that I watched. Snice that day I never stop chasing kdramas, movies, Korean actors, Korean life and anything related to Korea. This is my story about how I started watching Korean dramas. 

The things I like are things I can’t list it because I always update it my favorite things. Currently, I watch dramas, movies and some Korean shows. There are many actors and actresses that I adore, you can check my favorite. I love making gifs for my special couples over drama or for actor/actress. 

I love to listen to OSTs of the dramas that I watched or still watching. I am not fan of Kpop and I don't have enough knowledge of it. I LOVE to learn Korean, actually I started to learn but I give up because of my busy schedule but I think the reason of stopping was the way of learning that I used. But I still have this ability to learn it even if it’ll take me a decade to learn it. 

If you like to be friend with me I'll be so welcome to have you as online friend :)  




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