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Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Welcome to my profile


I like to watch a variety of different dramas but my absolute favorite is ROMANCE!

I have a preference for Chinese dramas. 

I can't explain my rating system it's crazy but this is what I like dramas to have:

1. Great Storyline( the story doesn't drag or rush. I hate when the leads get together towards the end or last episode)

2. Great Chemistry ( No forced kisses, or stiff romance!) 

3. Great Ending ( No open-ended or sad endings)  

4. Cute Male leads ( I'm a sucker for handsome male leads)

5. I love the dominant male lead and fun bubbly female lead 

Just because I love the new Meteor Garden does not mean I will like Boys over Flowers, the old Meteor Gardens, and Hana Yori Dango.

I tried to watch all the above and I just couldn't get into it. The camera quality is bad, the acting is too over the top, or the characters weren't cute enough to keep my attention. Maybe had I watched the originals first I would enjoy them more but as of now, it's a NO!

Jay Park <3 <3 <3

I hate dramas with a lot of misunderstandings that don't get cleared up in a timely manner or because both leads are two slow to react. I don't like a lot of angst better yet the less angst the better! I hate shows where the couple doesn't realize they like each other until the end or they get together the last 5 minutes of the show. I refuse to watch a sad ending show don't waste my time.! 

I'm a sucker for a rich cold male lead and a bubbly female lead. 

I'm always looking for recommendations. Message me

Send me a friend request or follow me on Instagram! 

"Because you're the only one I'm willing to trade all the meteors in the sky for.”

When there's no love, how can a story have a happy ending?


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