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nameless city


nameless city

26. non-binary. queer. aroace.
pronouns: he/they 
drama stan since 2015

[ tushan jing gifs created by me 
from this gifset ]

tumblr: dengswei
twitter: @dengswei

kdrama: exo next door

jdrama: boku dake ga inai machi
cdrama: i cannot hug you
twdrama: be loved in house: i do
thdrama: lovely writer
pdrama: game boys level-up edition

[machida keita gif by me]

my ratings are mostly
10 = would rewatch
loved it so much i can't stop
thinking about it. 

9/9.5 aren't that much different 
there was just something that
couldn't get me to give it a 10.

are some i've rated 10 worth the 10? 
probably not, but they made me
feel happy/warm inside so it
felt worthy of a 10.

my ratings other than that are
kind of all over the place. 

i don't rate dramas that i drop , no specific reason for this other than i don't feel the need to.

the best way to see which dramas i really loved is to check out my favourite lists.

i'm also a fan of asian music.
i'm aware that i stan/listen to a lot 


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