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Hi, everyone! I'm Yeon. 22 years old.

I like to watch Korea, Chinese, Thai, Japan shows. Even though i made this account in November 2020. I've watch lots of dramas since i was a kid. But i started being an actual drama lover in 5th grade, esp Korean dramas. I usually stick to Korean dramas. But since the pandemic, i tried watching other dramas. These days i'm addicted to historical cdrama and comedy jdrama.

My favorite genre is Rom-Com. Basically, I just like anything with lots of humor and less thinking in it. Sometimes i do watch serious dramas/movies. I cant watch horror, since i'm a very fearful person. But i still watch some horror stuff if i like the actors/ the plot are interesting enough. 

I'm a binge watcher too. I don't like to watch dramas while it still airing. Because sometimes i need to know if the ending is good or not. I do not mind spoilers.

Feel free to send friend request. Especially those who have same taste with me. Even if we dont have same taste, it's okay to send request. I like to try new things. But not always tho.

The rating i give is based on my own enjoyment



9.5 -9

8.5 - 7

6.5 - lower


Awesome, i love it! 

Great! But could've been better

Little flaws, but still good

I don't remember how i could finish it

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