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BTS both ruined and saved my life


BTS both ruined and saved my life

Ker ✦  25  Gemini Infp Type 9

Oddly enough I love jdramas and kdramas equally

 Music I like 
Genres I like
BTS ✦ Big Bang EXO ✦ 2NE1 Mamamoo RedVelvet ✦ IU The Oral Cigarettes  PATD FOB

Fav OST -  'Somewhere' from The Guest <3

Comedy Detective Mystery Romcom

ps: i love myself eccentric characters. 

Character I have fallen in love with 

How I rate dramas

-its pretty much just based on how much a i like them

1 - I loathe it
2 - I don't like it
3 - I wasted my time watching this
4 - I almost didnt waste my time (there were some ok parts)
5 - It was ok,
6 - It was good but a bit lackluster
7 - It was better than good imo but not great
8 - It was great
9 - I loved it but felt a lil somethin was missing
10 - Tattoo this on my forhead

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