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Ker, 26

Genres I like: Mystery, Detective, Comedy, Romcom, Slice of life    
Genres I don't like: Melodrama, Tragedy
Music I like: BTS, The Rose, Day 6, N.flying, AKMU, Twice, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, IU, Sunmi, Eric Nam, The Oral Cigarettes


Me?:  I like both Japanese and Korean Dramas a lot. Recently started trying to tackle Chinese dramas and the ungodly amount of episodes that entails.
Maybe an unpopular opinion???: I'm a fan of simple dramas. I think really it just comes down to whether a drama intended to be simple or not. There is a charm in just enjoying a simple story and fun characters.  

Fav Jdrama: BOSS
Fav Kdrama: The Guest
Fav Cdrama: Detective L

My rating:
my rating is a mixture of how much I personally love a show
smashed together with how good I think the show is objectively.*

* don't take my rating personally


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