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In the world of BL


In the world of BL

Life of BL

When in stress, watch bls

Things about me;

1. I love listening to songs (specially Thai songs)

2. My nickname is kitty girl (I love cats obviously)

3. Fav colour is Pink

4. I can speak 3 languages 

5. Learning Thai and Korean

I got into the BL world thanks to my sister who begged me to watch just so she could have someone to rant about everything to and I'm not regretting my decision. As a matter of fact, I'm grateful for it and I'm not planning to come out of the world anytime soon. Because of this I've also started watching straight and other genre dramas too

First Thai BL
Love in the Air
First K BL
Semantic Error
Fav Couple
Too many to count
Fav series
All series I rate highly are my favs
When did I start BL
2023 April
Fav production company
GMMTV, Domundi, WabiSabi studio, MeMindy, ect...
Fandoms I belong to (cp)
 Nomnom, Khun nhus, Polca, Babi, Nameless, Dungjang, ect... (way too many to count)

If anyone have any good BL/or other series to recommend (in any language/country) pls recommend to me

My ratings

Absolutely loved it
Liked it and enjoyed it
It was good, but could have been better
Good, but could do with some improvement
Kinda boring, but not very bad
I really didn't like it (I rarely rate anything this low)

(This is in my opinion so don't take it personally) 

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