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안녕하세요~ Fellow Drama addicts!!

K-Drama's been rocking my world only for about 3 years, believe it or not but before that I couldn't stand a mention of those, since I despised all the melo action and predictibleness of old school k-dramas circa Boys Over Flowers & Coffee Prince. But since I actively studied Korean eventually I had to get over myself and start watching if I wanted to improve my listening skills.

So one person suggested me Good Doctor saying that it was completely different and.... I fell in love. It didn't have the sappy, the lead male wasn't rich or a jerk and it opened a really sensitive topic of how disabled are perceived in the community. It was perfectly deep and it opened my eyes that there are different kinds of dramas. So after that one by one I picked out dramas which would be interesting to me, and found actors and types of characters I enjoyed and surely I fell for romantic dramas as well after one of my first rom-coms being You Who Came From The Stars. 

Top 5 Favorite Dramas

1. You Who Came From The Stars

2. Goblin

3  Pinocchio

4 Good Doctor

5 Birth of a Beauty

Top 5 Actors

1 Lee Jong Suk

2 Kim Soo Hyun

3 Lee Je Hoon

4 Park Bo Gum

5 Jisung

Top 5 Actresses

1. Hwang Jung Eum

2 Song Ji Hyo

3 Han Ye Sul

4 Han Hyo Joo

5 Lee Il Hwa


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