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I started to watch  chinese shows in 2016 got hooked joined dramafever and viki still hooked i really like the fantasy chinese.. and watched alot of kdrama now at this moment im hooked on jdrama and tawaiin dramas my favorite is

Jdrama : goskuen tied with michievous kiss and tied with Nodame  Cantabile favorite actor is Tamaki Hiroshi

chinese: Nirvana in fire tied with ten mile peach favorite chinese actor is mark chao

Kdrama:fated to love tied with boys over flowers and faith favorite korean actor is Jang Hyuk

tawaiin : fated to love you tied with king of romance favorite tawaiin actor is jiro wang

my least favorite is thai shows even tho they are beautiful actors i just cant handle their language nothing against it i just cant understand it as much as the other language just like chinese dramas are to quirky to me but their historical ones are awesome..

just my opionion love this site it has helped me alot on choosing what to watch

my favorite american shows are greys anatomy, supernatural,flash,ghost wars,ghost adventures,

grandmother of a bunch of kids love crafts ex librarian so love to read and cook love hard rock music and some country so pretty much a heavy metal grandmother lol


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