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Thriller/Mystery tops looking down at Comedy/Romance mains:

Everyone likes Drama tho

japanese cartoons fried my brian so now I scramble it with k-dramas

Favorite drama: Misty
Favorite actress: Bae Doona
Favorite actor: Park Hee Soon

-edgy shit, men in skintight suits striking poses, thrillers, mysteries, gore, guro, bl, gl, psychos, undead, black comedy, Chinese language, metal music, faded and bw color palettes/filters in movies, comedies and satires, classy melodramas, tragic romances, historically accurate historical dramas, lgbt rights, feminism, smart characters who win with brains and trickery, anime irl, toxic romance, suicide, death, tragedy, that little fucking dok sound japanese drums make, monster energy drink because in every way except physical I'm a boomer

-comedic fluffy romance, het, medieval fantasy, crappy actors who were cast for their face alone, overly bright color palettes, melodrama with a lot of screaming to force emotions from audience, mary/gary sues, big breasts (they are literally and metaphorically in your face, geee), inserting modern values in historical settings, obvious product placement, forcing toxic heterosexual norms in gay romance, southern hemisphere (it's not real)

Example of top tier dialog:

"She wasn't going to kill me, she was only going to kill herself you dolt!"
"Good riddance!"
"Xun Yu told you to come, didn't he? Report yourself to justice martial and receive 30 strokes!"
"Nevermind, forget it"
"No, I'll do it. I'll go"

K-dramas intrusive product placement made me import kopiko from indonesia 


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