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Apr 20, 2023
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Overall 10
Story 10
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If you wanna cry and feel something within you that makes your body throb of feelings

In the beginning I was really trying to predict what the movie was about, before actually watching I knew it was going to be a sad ending since I heard something along the lines since it's a popular movie rn. It was such a good movie I didn't even think of these types of scenes I was so shocked to see two different scene of the same scene, if that makes sense. Literally threw me off making me cry. Also, I've never seen a bond so close, I thought they weren't going to be friends anymore multiple times but then they just understood each other it really made me look at my old relationships with my friends that I'd lost threw the year :( The ending was really sad they really fooled me with that phone call thinking she actually called her, but then it showed the actual scene AGH I can't with these movies, makes me feel hallow inside feeling guilty, I need to rewatch strong women do bong soon....

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