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I wasn't going to write anything, but today i decided to write on how i got down this 'korean path'.

It all started when i was really young, which you could say are my kind of childhood memories. My mum used to rent korean and chinese dramas back in the days and i sometimes watched them with her. I was still young, so she wouldn't let me watch with her when it was sleeping time. I just remember a little what we were watching and since i am still keeping up with the kpop and dramas, i think i can count some of the dramas that i my mum and me watched together: Winter Sonata, Autumn In My Heart, All In, Sad Love Story, Stairway To Heaven- those are the dramas i remembered most, the classics.
Then, after several years, i came across Ailee's cover of 'Fate' on Immortal Songs2 (the song she won with for the first time on the show). That song sounded so familiar and i got goosebumps, so i'm just going to assume that 'Phoenix' is what goes on to the mum-and-watched-already-list as well. Same goes for 'Glass Slippers', 'Love Story In Harvard', but with these dramas i don't remember thing!!

Shortly before i entered high school, we finally got ourselves a computer and that's how i started my own korean drama journey. Starting off with 'Full House' and 'My Girl'. Those were the ones i first watched by myself on veoh i believe. I made a list with other dramas i wanted to start watching as well, but some i haven't even watched until today because our computer was broken. I watched several other dramas during that time, it's just that i'm trying to keep myself short. So even until today: no computer.

I was in high school and my parents got a laptop and i used that for 'studying korean'. I watched way more than enough korean dramas at that time already to understand the basics. Then in 2008 - 2009ish? i got into kpop. It all started with T-Ara (i THINK) and i got so hooked up with their songs. Especially 'Time To Love' and 'Good Person'. I watched everything i missed out on, had problems with finding my bias, started loving the songs and the group and that's how i eventually discovered other bands as well. Don't ask me, i don't remember how, i just know that my music playlists get longer and longer. That was the time when i wanted to know everything. I watched dramas, music videos and also some reality shows.

Shortly after, i joined my friend for korean class and i tried to learn korean. The thing is, korean class was on fridays, so i practically just went there, trying to get something in my brain but never studied after class. I was just hoping for some of it to stay in my brain. At some point, the korean school i went to closed down and i finished high school and then went to university. There, i was able to join an exchange program to Korea and ended up being there for let's say thirteen months (while inbetween i was here and there traveling). Ok same story again. I tried studying korean, took the midterm but not the final exam. Didn't learn anything again, i was just learning by doing (in this case understanding what everyone was saying since most koreans do not speak english except for my korean buddies). About my korean skills, i think i am pretty good at understanding what people are saying but mostly because of the context and my pronunciation is pretty good as well, but for writing... I DIDN'T STUDY, i'm just watching my dramas, listening and singing to my korean music and talk a little to my korean buddies- that's it.?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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