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Both dramas tells the story of two people and the development of their friendship and romance over time. Or we could also describe both dramas with the song: Friends, Lovers or Nothing. While in Pretty Man the story spans over the period of 13 years, FYWMB takes us on a 15 year long journey. Both romances take a long time to take form due to different personal issues and misunderstandings, there are many “almost” scenes.
Recommended by lilianlee - Mar 13, 2019
Both dramas follow the main characters from high school to adulthood. Both female leads have similar personalities: quiet, innocent, righteous, unreadable and the kind of people who do not chase after love but rather admire from afar. The male leads are more persistent although not as much as in other romantic dramas. In both cases it begins in a light and carefree way, but becomes heavier as the stories proceed. Both tell the story of an abiding but not necessarily fulfilled love. I feel like they are very similar on many levels, maybe this is already evident from the two titles that somewhat contemplate the fleet of time.
Recommended by lilianlee - Mar 13, 2019