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Daeho, The land of Ancient Mages


Daeho, The land of Ancient Mages

Hello, I'm an avid Asian drama enthusiast from India who's always on the lookout for the latest Korean and Chinese dramas. I take pride in being among the first viewers, and my ratings are solely based on how much entertainment a show provides. As a male in the female-dominated Kdrama and Cdrama audience, I've recently dipped my toes into Thai dramas. I steer clear of Japanese dramas due to the lack of subtitles and their tendency to feature red flag leads.

I'm particularly drawn to dramas where the leads communicate honestly about their misunderstandings, and green flags in relationships truly resonate with me. Romance is my go-to genre, and I rarely venture into anything without it, regardless of whether it's a slow burn or has minimal romance.

My journey into Asian dramas began with 'Because This is My First Life' in the Kdrama realm, followed by 'You Are My Glory' for Cdramas. I've also explored the world of manhwas and web novels, enjoying adaptations of these stories into captivating dramas.


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