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New York City


New York City

You're beautiful sucked me into the void called dramas and after 6 years, I still haven't been able to find my way out

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  1. +50th Drama: White Christmas (7th January 2017)
  2. +100th Drama: My Mister

Ratings System

I rate dramas based on plot and how I felt while watching them. The lowest rating I give to a drama is a 7. Dramas where romance is the center plot tend to generally be rated lower

10- A gem! Acting is great, storyline is written perfectly and I felt alot of emotions while watching.

9- Almost perfect. I wish that a few things would've been changed.

8-It was a light hearted, feel good drama. You should watch this drama just to pick up your spirits

7- I was struggling to make it to the finish line. I most likely stuck with it because I dedicated weeks of my life to this so I might as well see how it ends




"The size of a mass is not proportional to its volume
That little girl as small as a violet
That little girl that flutters like a flower petal
Pulls me with a mass greater than the Earth
In a moment, I
Like Newton’s apple
Mercilessly rolled and fell on her
With a thud, with a thud thud
My heart
From the sky to the ground
Continued to swing dizzyingly like a pendulum
It was first love"

- Goblin (Episode 4)




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can you tell that i love tragic characters


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