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Hello everyone! I'm pleased to meet you all ლ|^ー^ლ|

I'm Lymphae (Phae), I'm from Poland and I'm 17.

My drama adventure started off about 3 years ago? When I was having quite a hard time in my life, and so I apathetically surfed the web in search of... idk, something I guess. Somehow I stumbled across a movie '100 days with mr. Arrogant', '200 pounds beauty', 'Tada, Kimi Wo Aishiteru' followed. It made me happy and lose all the worries so I started to watch them more. I used to watch drama only when I was down, but nowadays I do it for entartainment and pleasure since I started to enjoy it very much.

I also like anime and manga:

I started listening to k-pop mostly because of my friends singing Bing Bang's songs all day in middle school, at first it felt really cringy, look at me now tho.
I listen to BTS, Block B, Lee Hi, Dean, gu9udan, owol, bbolbalgan4, Black Pink,  radwimps, egoist, kana nishino, Jay Park, and everything that comes into my liking honestly.

My favourite genres: suspense, psychological, detective, police, crime, mystery, and good love comedies.

My first drama:  

My name is Kim Sam Soon - never finished (the tenth episode triggered me)

Secret Garden - finished

My favourite drama so far:

Beautiful Mind (honestly so underrated :/)

My favourite movie so far:

Perfect Proposal (one of the best 4am adventures)

Thank you for reading I love you! Plus don't be shy to message me or something, I'm really akward myself so I might scare you off anyway ^^".


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