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Mad Hatter's Tea Party


Mad Hatter's Tea Party

안녕하세요 여러분!

 저는 알리사 예요. 저는 호주 사람 예요. 반갑습니다! ^_^<3


A little bit about me because why not :3 

I like to write and act - I like caring for animals-Learning Languages -Editing stuff-

-Dreaming--Quietly Fangirling in my head - Fictional deaths traumatize me-

-Drinking hot chocolate - Talking to my dog and cat ^_^

- My first ever drama I watched was a Jdrama called good morning call on Netflix. I mainly watch Korean dramas but I don't limit myself to just that. I also love Japanese, Chinese, Taiwan dramas. 

The following are my first dramas:

Good Morning Call - Japanese DramaKorean Drama - Boys Over FlowersYou're My Destiny - Taiwanese Drama 

When I was little, I used to watch Dragon Ball and anime a lot at my grandma's with my brother. I used to love watching Bruce Lee with my brother and my Dad. I still remember the assignment 7-year-old me did on Beijing China. 

Asian dramas and shows were always a part of my life but during the past 3 years, I have become more interested. I connect with the stories and I feel I resonate a lot. I have also grown more interested in the culture e.g. Traditional Korean Culture.

I am learning Spanish and Korean, it's difficult and there are times when I want to give up but watching dramas remind me of why I should keep going. In the distant future, I also want to learn Chinese and Japanese <3 :)

{I love a  Kpop group with all my heart and they are BTS. They inspire and give me the motivation to try new things and go for my dreams regardless of how unrealistic it is. I also stan RedVelvet and Twice}

{My top 5 Bangtan songs } 

❤Blood Sweat and Tears❤ ❤ Butterfly ❤ ❤Not Today❤ ❤Epiphany❤❤Spring Day❤

❤ Taehyung is my biasJungkook is my bias wrecker ❤

My bias from Twice is ChaeyoungMy bias from Red Velvet is Yeri

~ Songs I can't seem to stop listening to lately~

' In Your Eyes' - CrudePlay'I'm Okay' - CrudePlay'Love Exists' - Wei Qi Qi
'I need somebody' - DAY6
'Chemistry' - SHINee
'Lose you to love me' Selena Gomez

❤Favorite Korean actress = Park Shin Hye ❤

❤ Favorite Korean actor = Kwak Dong Yeun

❤❤❤ Ultimate OTP {Sooho and Ban Ryu}  ❤❤❤

Yoonmin ❤
Taekook ❤


The Special rare pairingthat I love with all my heart

❤The most beautiful bromance exchange to ever happen to me ????❤

~ Some of my favourite characters from dramas~

Han Sung
Kim Byung Yeon
Aje 3
Mu Hyul
Eun Chan

Favorite Genres of Drama:

  1. Romance
  2. Comedy
  3. Bromance
  4. Boy Love/Girl Love
  5. Fantasy/Supernatural
  6. Historical 

Favorite tropes:

  1.  Enemies to lovers
  2.  Fake marriage/dating
  3. Crossdressing/gender bender
  4. Secret romance
  5. Best friends to lovers

{ Random ships that I enjoyed during some series I have watched }

If you watch Anime/manga like me you can find me on MyAnimeList as lyssbelle. <3

Bye! Adios! Sayōnara! Annyeong! xxxx  ^_^


My ratings:


9.5/9: I LOVE IT but one or two things could have been changed.

8.5/8: I ALMOST loved it but there were a few things I didn't enjoy. 

7.5/7: I liked it but there were too many problems to give it any higher. 

6.5/6: Just an okay watch, although I kind of disliked it. 

5.5/5: I didn't like it/Waste of time/I should have dropped it. 

4/1: I hated it and probably dropped it. Don't bother.



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