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Pink Lie korean drama review
Pink Lie
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by mangoya
Jul 20, 2023
12 of 12 episodes seen
Overall 2.5
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 2.0
Music 4.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
This review may contain spoilers

Good concept, bad execution

The show's premise IS good, if handled well....the problem is that it wasn't.
This show infuriated me. And it all boils down to mostly the production and the choosing of the cast and their "lies".

The immense difference in how serious the lies where, was ridiculous. They basically used a very few selected members of the cast to draw attention and provocation towards the show, whilst other mostly were chosen for looks and or exposure to media.
They had their main clickbait, Hanui, and her secret revealed in the first episode. This made me as a watcher, anticipate the other members lies and thinking they would be on the same level, only to be mostly disappointed. Hanui even had a panic attack and were extremely anxious towards the end.

The show wanted to provoke and shed light to the possibility to look beyond prejudice, and for the cast to "reinvent themselves" with an possibility to start over. Only, when majority of the casts " hidden lies" are kinda the common persons problems, and in result, it fails to deliver. In all, I believe only about 3 or max 4 of the participants had a lie that I would consider on a level of usual "taboo" when dating.

It is a mature-focused show that isn't really suitable for younger adults. There's alot of context where I feel like male participants overstepped and straight up emotionally abused some participants. I would have liked to have the participants have scheduled appointments with a therapist DURING the show. Since the cameras kept rolling even as the people were fighting, no one could really stop when there was a wrongdoing and the participants doing wrong mostly just kept going with their day with a very small minded way of thinking. All in all, I felt huge red flags from a couple of people. Yes, they can edit the scenes to be more dramatic but at the end, the things said remained said and I grew to really dislike some participants. I realised that the conservative mindset of some of the participants was blatantly present and prevented them from growing mentally.

I took a break from watching the show right before the last episode, and it took me a month long break to actually watch the last episode because I felt like the production of the show failed the few participants (mostly Hanui) that had taken this as an golden opportunity to find a meaningful relationship.

The commentators, whilst repeating the same things you see and analyzing them, were a fun part towards the show, although not exactly always needed, were a good way for the show to "pause" when the scenes got heavy.

If you're looking for a good dating show, there is definitely better dating shows than this.
If you are bored and interested in the concept and execution of the show, go for it! Maybe you'll like it or maybe not :)
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