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...then you might like
- both are bls
- both are fluffy (though half a kiss is much shorter, so it's fluff to the core)
- both have super cute relationships between the leads
- both vaguely revolve around food as a plot mechanism

to my star is a drama as opposed to a short film, so there is much less development in half a kiss and half a spice, but it's still very fun, and has a similar happiness to it that to my star does.
Recommended by matt - Apr 30, 2022
If you liked
...then you might like
both are bls with some phenomenal angst, gang activity, amazing action scenes, and great actors. same general crime aura—but while Not Me is more social justice, Long Time No See focuses on the criminal underworld; however, they’re both really good for many of the same reasons!
Recommended by matt - Apr 23, 2022