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Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro

   the bad niceness

                             ''Don’t pick up your ringing phone
                                          let’s leave it alone''        
 There’s no need to tell anyone but us two let’s just leave it alone, why are you worried? 
When you think it’s too late, you’ve already
 Fallen for me, it’s out of your control (Isn’t it?)
 You knew everything from the start
 And now you’re blaming it all on me?

  Oh, I can’t stop 
 that you’ve met a guy like me 
 new type of loneliness
My heart is covered black, your place
Your heart is burnt white, my place
Of course you can’t get sick of this play
(You know what it is?) Play play play
My words are forgotten black, my base
Your words have vanished white, your trace
You can’t turn things around in this play

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