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In a country in South America :)


In a country in South America :)

Hello everyone! I'm glad for your visist, let's be friends!! ~ I created this account so I could organize my dramas and movies watched and the ones that I want to watch but I saw this as a good opportunity to make new friendships. :) I like dramas, movies, korean/japanese music, r&b/soul/jazz/blues/rock n roll (black music), I like to study, sew, cook, swim, dance, read, EAT, play with animals, learn about cultures and new languages, I like our world... even with all the bullshit I still love to be someone in this tragic/funny place hehe Well, hope we can be friends~ 

About me

<-- Me to all my bias  

I'm kind of a narcisist  like Heechulla and Gayoon


My 1st Korean Movie: Phone

My 1st Korean Drama: Personal Taste

My 1st Japanese Movie: Apartment 1303

My 1st Japanese Drama: Boku to Kanojo no XXX

My 1st Taiwanese Movie:  Hear Me

My 1st Taiwanese Drama:  Skip Beat

My 1st Chinese Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

My 1st Chinese Drama: Le Jun Kai

My 1st Thai Movie: Shutter

My 1st Thai Drama:  - 

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